What is Scorbit?

Scorbit unlocks new ways to play, socialize and manage pinball. It allows game information to be broadcasted in real-time to the Internet from pinball machines, ranging from solid state to modern era machines. The Scorbit platform consists of easily installed backbox hardware and an app that unlocks features, as well as a service in the cloud to connect it all together.

When you can connect the enormous inventory of pinball machines to the Internet, you unlock a universe of possibilities. Not only can you keep track of scores, but now you can also compete against your friends, family and league mates, socially and effortlessly. Imagine getting a notification when a friend beats your score on your favorite machine, or unlocking never seen before achievements, including ones that transcend across multiple games. How about building asynchronous tournaments with anyone, anywhere, anytime? Or maybe displaying beautiful, real-time visualizations of your games and leaderboards for your game rooms or venue(s)? Want to process digital payments? Get more people playing, and coming back for more? The Scorbit platform allows you to do all of these things and more.

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