Profile Screens

To access your own user profile, use the Account Menu and select Profile. You can also access any user's profile by tapping on their avatar or their name where it appears in the app. When you select your player profile or another user's profile, you are taken to a dedicated screen for that user, displaying how many followers you have, how many people you are following, and feeds of your shared scores, achievements, challenges, machine history and player statistics.

The main difference between your own profile and another user's profile is the Edit button next to your name (Edit Pencil), or the Mute button next to another user's name (Mute Bell).

Muting Users

Sometimes you may wish to follow a user but not receive push notifications when they do things. This is where the Mute function comes in! If you tap the Mute icon, you will toggle back and forth whether or not you will receive push notifications about that user. If a player is muted, you still may receive activity items and Community Feed items, just without the alerts. You can also specify which notifications you receive by adjusting your notification preferences, which will be covered later in the Settings section of the documentation.

If this is your first time, tap the Edit pencil and proceed to the next section, Edit Profile.

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