Quick Start

No time to read the whole manual and want to start playing right away? Here's a Quick Start to get you using Scorbit super fast. Remember, this guide skips many fun and usful features, so if you want to be a Scorbit expert, skip to The Big Picture.

First and foremost, download the app!

When launching the app, you can start using Scorbit with four steps:

  1. Find and select the pinball machine.

  2. Start a game as you would normally (press start).

  3. Claim your player slot.

  4. Save or share your score.

Step 1: Find and select the pinball machine

Step 2: Start a game as you normally would (press start).

Step 3: Claim your player slot.

Press any slot to attach your name to that slot. A long press releases a slot. You may do this at any time during the game or immediately after the game.

Step 4: Save or share your score.

While all of this may seem simple, Scorbit has quite a bit more features than just keeping score! Proceed to the next section, The Big Picture, to get an idea of all of the power and fun available in the Scorbit app.

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