Spooky Power Installation

NOTE: Be sure to turn the power off to your machine before proceeding!

Installing the power for your Scorbitron is easy in three steps:

  1. Mounting / Installing the provided Pinball Life Accessory Spooky Power Supply (APS)

  2. Route and connect cables to the APS

  3. Connect the power cable to your Scorbitron

Mounting the Spooky Accessory Power Supply

Mount the Accessory Power Supply (APS) on the right side of the cabinet or in the backbox using the included screws. Mounting location is up to you as long as it physically clears the playfield and the harness cable can reach the power distribution board in the back of the cabinet.

Connect the harness cable to the APS board (P1). Please note that if the key positions do not line up, use the other end of the harness cable.

Route and Connect Cables to APS

Route the harness cable through the wire clips and head the cable to the back of the cabinet:

Connect the other end of the APS harness to the power distribution board located in the rear of the cabinet in the one of the 4 locations indicated in the picture below. It does not matter which one of the 4 48v output headers you plug the harness into:

Connect Power Cable to Scorbitron

Plug the provided extra-long Scorbitron power cable into the APS board in either positions J1, J2, J3 or J4 as shown here:

Routing the power cable carefully through the machine's existing wire management, run the power cable to the power input connector of the Scorbitron:

The Scorbitron is now ready to receive power, so now you may proceed to the next step, the Game Data Connection.

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