Activity Feed

Your account menu avatar will have a small red circle indicating a count of new notifications you've received. This number resets when you select the Activity option on the Account Menu.

The activity screen is a rolling feed of all notifications you receive with the app, with the most recent at the top. Examples of activity feed items include achievements you've received, challenges sent to you by other users and top scores for specific games by people you follow.

Each item on the Activity feed generally includes a user with a link to their profile, either by tapping their avatar or their name. It also includes a link, by tapping anywhere on the item, to a details screen representing the item.

Some Activity items have special features, such as if you receive a notification when someone new follows you:

When you see a follow button, you can tap that button to immediately follow the user back:

The Activity items are highlighted in lighter blue when they are unread, and darker blue when they are read. If you tap and drag an item to the right until it stops, you can toggle if the item is read or unread. If you tap and drag an item to the left, the Activity item will be deleted from your feed.

The Activity Feed will list notifications you have received including notifications that may have been muted. Later, you'll see how to mute/suppress various notifications, but you can always return to this feed to see anything you may have missed! To take advantage of Activity features, we recommend setting up your User Profile next.

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