As mentioned previously in the Activity section, there are many different types of notifications you can configure within the Scorbit application. Note that Scorbit has an annoyance damper already built in, so you will not receive more than one notification alert within any five minute period. You will still receive Activity feed items regardless.

  • All Notifications will turn off all push notifications and alerts sent to the app. Consider it a master switch. Activity items will still appear, only the push notifications will stop.

  • Machine Scores will turn on or off receiving notifications when players you follow get a top score on a specific machine or beat your best score on a specific machine.

  • Global Scores will turn on or off receiving notifications when players you follow get a top score on a specific title globally, or beat your global high score on a specific title.

  • Challenges will turn on or off receiving notifications when another user challenges you, when a user you have challenged accepts, or when the challenge is complete and a victor is announced.

  • Achievements will turn on or off notifications when you earn an achievement. If this is set to OFF, achievements will still appear in your Activity feed and also your user profile Achievements feed, as well as in other Achievement lists throughout the app.

  • New followers will allow you to mute incoming notifications when you have a new follower.

  • Machine Off will alert you if Pro licensed machines are shut off in a specified time window.

  • Machine Reboot will alert you if Scorbit has detected a loss of connection and reestablishing of a connection within a specified time window on a Pro licensed machine.

  • Service Alerts are notifications sent when Scorbit has detected a service condition, diagnostic issue, or a specified number of player submitted reports on a Pro licensed machine.

Scorbit Sound

The bass notes for the Scorbit sound (a bass guitar played by a Scorbit intern, Dallas Hobbs) are played whenever a push notification is received (unless it falls within the five minute dampening period). You can control on iOS and Android if the alerts break though lock screens, act as banners, or other behaviors in your phone's notification settings for Scorbit.

Multiple Users on the Same Device

When you log out of Scorbit on your smartphone, you tell our push notification system to stop sending you notifications to that device. When you or someone else logs in with your device, it assigns that device to receive notifications for that user.

Multiple Devices for the Same User

A user can have any number of devices they like logged into the system, and all of those devices can receive push notifications at the same time.

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