Activating Scorbitron Hardware: Stern Spike 2 Edition

Almost there! This document will describe the process for activating the Scorbitron.

Now that your Scorbitron has been wired for power and connected to your game, it is time to give your Scorbitron its WiFi credentials and connect it to the Internet.


As a general practice, we recommend updating your Stern Spike 2 game to the latest code available from Stern Pinball prior to beginning this process. If you were hesitating before, know that Stern now allows you to keep your high scores and settings in between code updates!

It is also recommended, but not required, that you backup your Spike 2 game's SD card. To do so requires the use of a third-party program, such as Balena Etcher, and will require a regular SD card appropriately sized for your game.

Note: As with any pinball modification, it is possible that making changes to a Stern pinball game may void the game's warranty and/or may be a violation of the Stern software license. Please consult your manufacturer's information for details.

In addition, copy down the serial number of your game, as you will need it for this process. When you boot your game, the serial number is displayed during the boot-up sequence. It is also printed on a sticker on the back of the cabinet or inside the cabinet on the left side near the plumb bob. Note that the serial number of your game may have changed if you repaired or swapped out your game's CPU board, so it's best if you use the number displayed during the boot sequence.

These next steps require that you download the Scorbit application to your iOS or Android smartphone. You can download them here:



The following steps will be described in this document:

  1. Creating your machine on the Scorbit platform

  2. Pairing the application to the Scorbitron to pass it your desired WiFi credentials

  3. Updating the firmware on the Scorbitron for Spike 2 compatibility

Creating Your Machine on the Scorbit Platform

Login to your Scorbit account using the Scorbit app, and choose the "My Machines" from the account menu in the upper right. Press the "+" button on the red dot on the lower right hand corner of the screen:

You will then enter the Edit Machine view. At this point, you must select a game and a venue using the top two buttons. If this is your first installation, you will be prompted to create a venue and choose if it can be publicly viewable or not.

Select the SAVE button at the bottom of the view to re-enter the My Machines view. You will see your new machine on the list:

Press the Edit Pencil to the right side of your new machine. You will then see a new button at the bottom of the Edit Machine view, Install Scorbitron. Press the button to begin the Scorbit installation process.

Pairing Your Machine to Your Scorbitron

The next step is placing the Scorbitron on your local WiFi network. The Scorbitron is a fully 802.11n compatible device, working on either a 2.4ghz or 5ghz network. We for dense or public situations, we recommend creating a dedicated 2.4ghz network for your Scorbitrons, as 2.4ghz is less sensitive to people and walls, but either wavelength should work. Be sure to test whatever network you are setting up with a smartphone or laptop prior to this activation, as it will save you a lot of time troubleshooting a new network if you ensure it actually functions as desired.

First, after selecting INSTALL SCORBITRON, you will be prompted to begin the pairing process by locating and pressing the pairing/reset button on the side of the Scorbitron:

The right status indicator, LED #2, will begin blinking with a blue light. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide or Scorbitron Operation Manual for more details on the LED indicators.

Once you see the blue light, press continue. The Scorbit app will begin looking for the Scorbitron. If it fails to find it, you can re-try, but once a Scorbitron is scanned, it will present a list:

There should be only one choice, unless you have turned on multiple Scorbitrons in pairing mode at the same time (not recommended). The Scorbitrons are listed by serial number. Select the Scorbitron and you can proceed to the next step:

Depending on the platform (iOS or Android), you will either be prompted to enter your local WiFi credentials, or you may be offered to choose from a list. We cannot stress enough: Please test your WiFi with your own equipment first before entering this SSID and password information. SSIDs and passwords are case sensitive, spaces and special characters do matter. When you're ready, press CONTINUE and the Scorbitron will attempt connecting to your WiFi.

The indicator light LED #2 will change to a slow pulsing amber on the Scorbitron while it attempts to connect. If the WiFi connects to your access point but is unable to get an IP address, or in general has some other connection issue, the amber light will blink quickly and you will be prompted to try again. Once completed, the Scorbit app will restore it's original connectivity to your WiFi and complete the pairing process. As this is a Spike 2 game, you will see a prompt for the additional steps when complete.

Updating the Firmware for Spike 2 Compatibility

The final step for activating your Scorbitron will require the SD card reader provided with your Scorbitron. When prompted by the app, power down your machine:

Carefully remove the SD card from the SD card slot on the Spike 2 CPU board:

As mentioned previously, it is recommended, but not required, that you backup your Spike 2 game's SD card prior to beginning this process. This is a great time to do that, if you have access to a laptop! To do so requires the use of a third-party program, such as Balena Etcher, and will require a regular SD card appropriately sized for your game. Either way, proceed to the next step when complete.

Insert the SD card reader and insert the reader into Port C on the Scorbitron as shown here:

The app will prompt you to restore power to your machine. The game will not boot, but the Scorbitron will turn on and connect to your WiFi. This may take a minute for the connection to establish. The app will prompt you to select the game's firmware version and enter the game's serial number. BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT FIRMWARE VERSION OF THE GAME CODE YOU ARE USING FOR YOUR GAME. We recommend updating the Spike 2 game to the latest code to ensure compatibility. As a reminder: The serial number of your game may have changed if you repaired or swapped out your game's CPU board, so it's best if you use the number observed on the screen during the boot sequence.

When you press continue, the Scorbitron will scan the SD card you have placed in the SD card reader:

Pressing continue will prompt you to power off the machine. You may now remove the SD card reader from the Scorbitron and remove the SD card from the reader. Replace the SD card back into the Spike 2 CPU:

Follow the app prompts to restore power to your Spike 2 game:

Press CONTINUE on the app, and the Scorbitron will reconnect to the Scorbit platform:

Congratulations! Your Scorbitron is now fully connected. It will now be visible from all menus on the app, ScorbitVision, and other users depending on how you have configured your settings. Should you need to update the version number after a game code update or reconfigure the WiFi settings on the Scorbitron, you can return to the Edit Machine screen and you can find the Game Code Update and Reset WiFi button on the bottom of the screen:

Please refer to the Operations Manual or Networking Guide for additional information regarding the network configuration of the Scorbitron.

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