QR Codes

Every machine has a unique identification in the Scorbit Platform. They all have unique QR codes that allow anyone to scan the code from both outside and inside the app.

From anywhere in the app, you can tap the QR icon in the upper right hand corner of all screens:

Once you tap the QR icon, you will be taken to a screen to scan the QR code. If the owner of the machine has printed and placed a QR on the game (see Print QR Code in the My Machines / Venues section) or if the game screen, such as in a Jersey Jack Pinball game, displays the QR, you can center the QR in the screen:

The app will immediately open the machine in the app, regardless of what screen the app is currently on.

Auto-Claiming with QR Codes

If there is an open player slot, scanning with a QR code will claim the next available slot! This way, players can quickly navigate and claim a player position instantaneously.

Please proceed to the next section for what you see when you arrive on a machine's dedicated screen, Attract Mode.

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