Scorbit is significantly more fun when you follow others. As mentioned previously and in the Profile and Community Tab section, you can visit a user's profile to follow them, or see who follows them, or who they follow. Following is not mutual by default, so like social media services, Scorbit depends on you to curate a fun group of friends to challenge and share your victories.

There are two places you can scan your phone's contacts for Scorbit players.

When you join Scorbit, we show you an option the first time you visit the community tab to scan your phone's local contacts for other Scorbit players to follow:

Alternatively, if you visit the Settings section, you will find an option to re-scan your contacts at any time:

When you scan contacts, the phone asks you for permission to access your contact list. Note: This is a one-time access, and no contacts will be emailed or spammed by Scorbit or added to any lists. We don't save your contacts in our platform and only briefly maintain the names in memory to compare them to the Scorbit user list. We then offer you the opportunity to add individual matches or add them all at once:

At any time, you can return to the Account Menu > Settings > Contacts section to repeat the process. You can also follow/unfollow anyone on their User Profile screen or in an Activity Item.

Either from the Settings > Contacts section, or also as part of the first visit Community tab process, you will given a prompt to Copy Link to Profile:

This link is considered a "Deep Link," meaning that if someone clicks it while on a smartphone, it will open the Scorbit app on your profile directly (or prompt to install the app if they haven't already). It does not automatically follow you, so the user has to click "follow" on your profile to do that, or from within an Activity item. More on Scorbit Deep Links can be found in the Deep Linking section.

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