Reset WiFi Configuration

If your WiFi SSID has changed, or the machine has moved to a new network, you can use the Reset WiFi to assign new WiFi credentials to the game.

Choosing to reset the WiFi requires that you have physical access to the machine. The wizard will guide you through the steps, which include pressing the reset button on the side of the Scorbitron and using the app to pass along the new credentials. Once the machine is online, it will "re-pair" along the new network configuration, and finally return you to the Machine Settings screen.

Safety Tip: We recommend setting up a private, non-broadcasted (hidden) SSID for your Scorbitrons and pinball machine WiFi configurations, ideally using 2.4Ghz which travels better through walls and people. Scorbit doesn't require extremely fast or high-bandwidth wifi. We also recommend placing the Scorbitron in higher places if possible, though our users have reported success almost anywhere. You can find more information on WiFi and the Scorbitron in the Scorbitron section of this documentation.

Please proceed to the next section, Install/Activate and Detach/Unpair, to learn about kicking off an installation or deinstallation procedure.

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