Auto Claim

Auto Claim, (formerly referred to as "Hog Mode") when enabled in your Playing Preferences, is the ability to set yourself as the active user for many game sessions in succession. You start by enabling the feature for your user within the Playing Preferences screen:

Once this feature is enabled, an auto claim button will appear for all games you play on a Scorbit-enabled machine at the header of the screen:

This button is like a timer, or kill switch. When you tap it, it turns solid blue and a timer countdown begins, and you'll see an alert at the bottom of the app's screen to tell you it is active:

At this point, you can put your phone away! Scorbit's cloud service takes care of the rest. Every game you play will be automatically saved and registered on Scorbit, without any need to claim each game or scan QR codes.

This feature disables itself after a period called the Auto Claim Timeout. The default is 30 seconds, but this can be adjusted by the owner of the machine in the machine's configuration settings. If you step away from the game for greater than the timeout, the mode is disabled and the icon returns to its original state:

Note that the app assumes you're walking away, and doesn't want to bother you with an alert sound if the mode is disabled. You can tap the button a second time if it times out, otherwise the timer will always reset to a fresh maximum timeout at the end of a game, and is effectively always enabled during a game. In other words, the timer is only counting down after a game is finished!

The auto claim timeout can be set in the machine preferences with a rolling dial selector:

More information about machine settings can be found in the My Machines / Venues section in Machine Settings.

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