Sharing and Challenges

The Sharing screen has a number of special features besides sharing on social media and the app.

  • Time of Score is the time, relative to now, that the game session ended.

  • Final Score is the score that will appear on the leaderboard.

  • Location is where the game took place.

  • Machine Title is the machine you played to earn the score.

  • Scorbit Rank for This Game is you rank compared to all other players world wide, based on a percentage calculation. The Scorbit Ranks change from time to time, and are meant to be fun and inspiring. You may want to keep an eye on them.

  • Add a Victory Photo allows you to attach a photo to the score card (more on the below).

  • Challenge Others to Beat This Score will allow you to submit a list of users you wish to invite to a challenge.

  • Share on Social Media or Save Image allows you to post to your favorite external systems, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also save the score card as an image to your smartphone.

  • New Game / Return to Attract Mode will bring the app back to Waiting to Start. If the start button is pressed before that point, the screen will automatically return to the live game session screen.

  • Start Challenge Match is a future feature for advanced challenges. Watch this space!

Adding a Victory Photo

You may attach a photo to your score card:

Scorbit will give you the option of taking a new photo or using one from your library. This photo can be anything you want to celebrate your win. Some choose to put a photo up of the score on the screen, others post a photo of the loser hanging their head in shame. Cat and dog photos are permitted if they like pinball. Tapping the red "x" in upper right of the photo will delete it and restore the score care to its original state.

Challenging Others

Hitting the People+ icon allows you to search for users and invite them to beat your score.

Challengers can be selected by hitting the green "+" sign. Once selected, "+" will change to a "x." Tapping the "x" will remove them from the list. Tap outside the selection area will return you to the share screen, where the challengers will be listed beneath the score card.

Sharing Scores

Pressing the Share icon will present you with an iOS or Android embedded sharing function to allow you to share your score card. The formatting of the score card will include a photo if you chose to add one. The score with a photo is designed to be square formatted for services like Instagram.

At this point, the "New Game" button changes to a "Send Challenge" button. If you press "Send Challenge," the screen will return to Waiting to Start and the challengers will receive their invite. If you press the red "X" in the lower left, the sharing will be canceled and you will return you to Waiting to Start without sending a challenge.

Please proceed to the next section on what to do if there is no Scorbitron installed, Manual Score Submission.

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