Playing Challenges

Sending Challenges

To send a challenge to another player, follow the instructions in the previous Sharing section on Challenging Others.

Receiving Challenges

When another player challenges you to beat their score, you will receive a notification to your phone at the time of the challenge. It will also show up in your activity feed.

Tapping on the push notification or activity item takes you to a Score Details screen that offers you a chance to accept the challenge. You can accept a challenge wherever it appears, including the Community tab, User Profiles and the Challenge menu.

Accepting Challenges

As explained earlier in this documentation, if you accept a traditional "open" challenge, you have one week to beat the challenger's score. Since the challenger gets to pick which score to challenge you with, the recipient of the challenge gets as many tries as they like until the challenge expires. You can accept multiple challenges for the same game, there is no limit to the number of challenges you can accept.

At any point during the expiration period, you can check the Challenges menu or your User Profile Challenges Feed to see the current status of challenges you have accepted.

Choosing Challenges

For any title for which you have accepted challenges, you are prompted prior to playing the game whether or not you wish to play the challenge and if so, which one! You can only play one challenge at a time.

Challenge Session Status

Unlike a normal game session, while you play a Challenge game you are presented with the name of the challenger and the score to beat on the session screen:

At the end of a game, you are taken to the Save to Leaderboard and Share screens like you would normally, however for challenge games, you are presented with a special score card with additional information.

If you fail the challenge, you will see your name in failure area for that attempt. If you win the challenge, your name will be larger with the winning score at the top of the card.

  • Attempt Count is the current score's attempt number against beating the opponent's score. You can have as many attempts as you like until the challenge expires.

  • Expiration tells you the days remaining until the challenge expires. If you do not beat the challenge before that date, it is considered a win for the other user.

  • Failed Attempt tells you this attempt is a loss. Don't worry, we don't automatically share failed attempts in your follower's feeds (yet).

  • Loser will tell you the losing player's name.

  • Winning Score is the current high score of the challenge.

  • Losing Score is the score the loser ended with after all their attempts. It isn't the highest score of their attempts, it's the last score they submitted before expiration, or if they are the originating challenger, the original score.

When you win a challenge, your followers see the winning challenge card as displayed on the share screen. If you lost a challenge, the winner's card is shared with their followers, and you are spared the shame of your followers. If you both have the same followers, well, sorry, it's the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Unlike Challenges, Achievements are generally a process between you and the game. Please proceed to the next section to learn more about Achievements.

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