ScorbitVision Streamboards

ScorbitVision Streamboards are intended to help users integrate Scorbit live scores into various streaming platforms, such as OBS.

Professional integration for more customized tools is available through our developer API. However, for the rest of us, a Streamboard is an excellent way to start. These URLs are intended for use either with internal browser-capture, window-capture or screen-capture and use with various chroma-key strategies.

ScorbitVision Streamboards can be accessed from the Streamboards left nav item:

Selecting the Streamboards option takes you to the main Streamboards screen. You will be presented with any Streamboards you have created. You can view a streamboard by clicking the eyeball icon, where the URL can be copied and shared if desired. The pencil allows you to make changes to a streamboard configuration. Finally, the trash can deletes a streamboard.

To create a streamboard, either click the + Add Streamboard link or the Add Streamboard button.

Adding a Streamboard

Streamboards require previously created ScorbitVision Scoreboards for machines. If you haven't created any scoreboards yet, select the Scoreboards left nav item first. You can find more instructions on scoreboards within the ScorbitVision Scoreboards guide.

On the Streamboards screen, you will see the Streamboard generator:

Start be entering a title in the title field and choosing the resolution intended for your canvas used in the OBS application. You may need to experiment with these sizes as much depends on how you have OBS configured. Note that unlike Scoreboards, Leaderboards and Slideshows, Streamboards are always public as third-party web services and integrations must be able to access the URL generated for the streamboard to function.

Next you should select your intended layout. The purpose of these layouts is to pre-configure a screen with the scores already displayed in the places you need them. There are some users who prefer a pre-set layout, or some that would prefer just the scores element.

The CAM areas refer to spaces intended for your camera views in your streaming software. The SCORES area refers to the space where player name, game state or modes, or scores will be displayed.

Note the Head to Head layout is a special layout intended for a stream that has two simultaneous streams integrated into a single layout. When this layout is selected, the scores area is integrated so that their "lower thirds" type graphics appear as a single game for head-to-head pinball streaming.

Fixed-width for a Scores-only view will generally produce less aliasing and smoother fonts for the score, game state and player info fields, but again, this depends on how you have your system configured.

Once you've chosen your layout, you choose the type of game you will be streaming and the actual machines in the stream. If you select 1 Machine, you will be given one machine to select. If you select 2 Machines, you will be given two machines to select (this is only useful for head-to-head).

For a one player game, in this machine selection box you must also identify the number of players that will be on the stream for the score manager to properly display scores in the score fields. Normally, if you are using the Scorbit app, whatever name or display name that is associated with that user's Scorbit account will appear (and change dynamically) in the Player info fields on the display. However, if you fill in the Player 1 name and Player 1 info fields here, these names are OVERRIDES that that will force this info into the lower thirds. For example, someone with the display name "Chris1337Haxx0r" might prefer to have "Chris Smith" for the stream. The Player 1 info field is useful for information like "Boston, MA" or "Three-time INDISC Champion."

For a head-to-head stream, the you will have the 2 Machines selected, so you must choose a second machine with similar information.

When choosing Scoreboards where someone is in a head-to-head stream that isn't you, be sure to create a scoreboard for that machine even though that other user may have their own scoreboard. This is because streamboards depend on you having permission to see those scores. If the person's venue isn't public, have them add you to their venue via the Scorbit app in the My Venues section of the account menu. Once you have proper access to the machine, you can create a scoreboard, and then finally create a streamboard using that scoreboard.

Next, you may customize the colors of the background, text, and highlight color (when it is a player's turn in a multiplayer game):

Finally, you can create the streamboard by pressing the Create Streamboard button:

Now your streamboard should appear on the list of streamboards from the previous page. If you click on the eyeball next to your streamboards, you can see your various combinations and keep the URL for sharing or viewing outside of the website.

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