Data East / Sega Location and Mounting

Choose Location

Identify the location you wish to mount your Scorbitron. While not required, we recommend the Scorbitron be placed near the top of your Data East or Sega machine. Before mounting, we recommend testing the length of the USB C cable and making sure it can reach between Port A on the Scorbitron to the probe located near the DMD display.

The following illustration can be used as guidance:

Choose Mounting Method

The Scorbitron offers two methods of mounting within the backbox, depending on your needs. For normal installations, we recommend using the mounting tape provided already on the rear of the Scorbitron mounting plate. For installations that are intended to be temporary, such as a rented unit or at a tournament, we recommend using mounting screws. While it may seem counter-intuitive, the mounting tape is extremely sticky and when applied to a relatively clean surface, is permanent. Screws allow an owner to remove the device.

To mount with the mounting tape, locate and carefully remove the backing from the tape on the back of the Scorbitron:

To mount with the provided screws, we recommend creating starter holes in advance of mounting by marking the screw hole locations with pencil. Use a manual drill or other starting hole drill bit (we recommend 7/16"), but be sure to limit your hole depth, as you do not want to come through the other side!

Please beware of sensitive components when performing an installation, as the screw holes are near the Scorbitron electronics. Also, be sure to clear or locate away from any existing wiring which may cause interference. Note that the Scorbitron has LED status indicators you may need to see, so avoid anything that may obscure your view of those indicators. You can now proceed to the next step, Power Installation.

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