Manual Score Submission

Manual Score Submission

Games with no Scorbit icon on a list are not yet connected to the Scorbit platform. If you select one of these games, you are presented with a manual score submission screen:

You must enter the score and supply a photo of the screen with the final score, after which you will be placed on the leaderboard and score submission screen. You can cancel by swiping right or selecting another tab. You can add the photo either by press the photo icon in the score box or by selecting to add photo on the last slide of the Attract Mode carousel.

After saving the photo, you are taken to the same share screen used after automatic submission:

You'll note there is no Scorbit Rank on manually submitted photos. Also, all manually submitted scores are considered "unverified" in our database, but they will appear on leaderboards. Incorrect submissions will be flagged as false and ultimately removed. If you incorrectly submit a score and wish to change the submission, contact support. Challenges require Scorbit-enabled machines.

To learn more about how to look at a completed game, please proceed to Score Details.

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