Early Bally (-133, -17, -35) and Stern (MPU-100/200) Game Connection

Your Scorbitron uses the Scorbit SS-1 Probe to connect to the game. The SS-1 is an active probe, and it actually drives the display so it must be installed correctly for the display to function.

The connection to your game is easy, and requires three steps:

  1. Identifying and removing the proper display connector

  2. Installing the probe between the connector and the game display board

  3. Connecting the probe to the Scorbitron

Identifying and Removing Your Display Connector

Locate connector J1 on your MPU board. This is a 28-pin connector on the top left of the board. Note that with Alltek boards, this connector is in the same position as original boards.

Remove the cable connected to J1, and carefully insert the SS-1 probe into the same connector. Pin 9 is the key pin, so be sure to carefully match the pins to the black input connector on the back of the probe. Press the probe firmly onto the pins. Depending on machine, the black probe input connector may not sit flush with the MPU board! Do not try to press the probe beyond the maximum depth of the input connector. Note that SS-1 orientation, with the USB-C connector facing towards the top of the MPU board:

Take the original connector you removed from J1 and connect it to the output pins of the SS-1 probe. Beware putting a lot of strain on the MPU header pins as you press down on the probe, it's best to put your fingers behind the probe as you apply pressure. If this is uncomfortable, remove the probe first and attach the connector.

Next, take the supplied Gen 2 USB-C cable and connect it to the USB-C port on the top of the probe:

Put the other end of the Gen 2 USB-C cable into Port A of the Scorbitron. Only use Port A for this type of probe:

Your installation of the Scorbitron connection is now complete! At this point, you may provide power to your game and proceed with the next step of the installation, Activating Your Scorbitron.

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