Score Details

Any score, anywhere in the app, including feeds, leaderboards, activity items, or push notifications, all will link to a Score Details screen. This screen tells you what you need to know about a game that has already been played, including who scored, what the score was, when it was, where it was, attached photos, and even a Score Timeline.

  • Look of Satisfaction? Only if you watch

  • User, Score and Machine of the posted score

  • Target Hit - On the Score Timeline, a target is represented by a pin along the time x-axis.

  • Score Level - On the Score Timeline, the height of the line (y-axis) is the score at that time on the x-axis.

  • Stacked Modes - On the Score Timeline, any modes are represented by overlapping lines and colors, along with the ball number.

  • Timeline and Duration - On the Score Timeline, the duration along the x-axis. You can drag the timeline left and right.

  • Share Score Card - Sharing feature is the same as when you finish a game on the Play tab.

  • Display Tool Tip Guide - This will pop up a tool tip explaining the Score Timeline

The timeline provides a quick and easy visual representation of the game session that led to the final score. Scorbit keeps all scores, modes, achievements, targets and other data for every game that is played on a Scorbit-enabled machine. Expect future releases to expose all of that game session data as you drag your finger over the timeline.

Scores are just the beginning! Please proceed to the next section, Challenges.

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