Stern Spike 1 Game Connection

Your Scorbitron uses the Scorbit DMD Probe to connect to the game. The DMD is an active probe, and it actually drives the DMD display so it must be installed correctly for the display to function.

The connection to your game is easy, and requires three steps:

  1. Identifying and removing the proper display connector

  2. Installing the probe between the connector and the game display board

  3. Connecting the probe to the Scorbitron

Identifying and Removing Your Display Connector

Locate connector CN23 on your game's CPU board. This is a 14-pin connector on the top of the CPU board. There should be a ribbon connector going from CN23 looping up and behind the CPU board routed to the DMD display:

Remove the cable connected to CN23 and place it into the probe while the probe is still loose as shown:

Next, insert the probe into CN23's 14-pin connector. Note that this is a tight fit, you will need to route the power cables just to the left of the probe around the probe to reach their connector. Orient the probe and cables as shown here:

Next, take the supplied Gen 2 USB-C cable and connect it to the USB-C port on the edge of the probe:

Put the other end of the Gen 2 USB-C cable into Port A of the Scorbitron. Only use Port A for this type of probe:

Your installation of the Scorbitron connection is now complete! At this point, you may provide power to your game and proceed with the next step of the installation, Activating Your Scorbitron.

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