Email Settings

Users can opt in or out of email alerts (we have none currently) and reset their email address using the Email Settings.

  • Email Notifications will disable email alerts being sent to your email address. Note this will not disable administrative or security emails when required. Currently, Scorbit chooses to not send email alerts in an effort to reduce spam, though that may change in the future.

  • Opt-In Promo Emails is an option to accept promotional emails, such as tournaments, venue promotions, discounts, or marketing from Scorbit. We do not current send promotional emails, but this may change in the future.

  • Edit Email Address allows you to reset your email address. All email addresses must be verified, so once saved you will have 48 hours to click a link on a verification email or your account will be disabled.

Currently, Scorbit doesn't send emails except for administrative purposes. Your email address is never shared (we hate SPAM as much as you do) and it never will. However, we may need to contact you for various reasons, and we encourage you to keep your address current.

Please proceed to the next section about how to Change Password.

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