Starting a Game and Claiming

Once someone presses Start on the actual game, anyone viewing this session screen will be presented with player slots for each of player added to the game. If a player hits the start button on the physical pinball machine once, it’s a one player game, and if they hit the start button four times, it’s a four player game, etc. Tapping a slot will claim it as your position. Scanning a QR takes you directly to this screen, and will automatically claim the first available slot, which will change to your identity.

If you chose to not claim a slot at this point, you're a spectator. Initially, the slots do not have player information besides the generic “Player 1, Player 2…” However, before or during play, you may tap a player slot and “claim” the slot for your user, and long-press to release it. Other users of the app and other visualizations of the game sessions will see that player’s chosen display name. On a DMD, your Display Name will appear on the DMD screen. On a Jersey Jack Pinball game, your name will appear over the player slot. You may only choose one slot per Scorbit user. Note: A long press will deselect a slot and make it available to claim again.

While you're playing a game, you may at any point earn an achievement You will see the achievement in real-time on the game's display while also receiving a push notification and activity item for the achievement. You can view your achievements after a game either in your User Profile Achievement Feed, your Attract Mode Achievement List, or by visiting the machine title on the Machine Tab.

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