Introduction to ScorbitVision

ScorbitVision enhances, displays and enriches the pinball experience for everyone around you. Whether in your personal gameroom, an arcade, or over the Internet in a livestream, ScorbitVision provides what you need to engage your players from everywhere.

Designed for large screens and livestreams, both public and private, these tools allow you to customize displays to suit your needs.

ScorbitVision applications generate web URLs that can be accessed by any browser connected to the Internet, giving you the flexibility to display all of these assets on any device with a display.

Accessing ScorbitVision

All users of the Scorbit platform have access to ScorbitVision at:

Log into ScorbitVision using the Scorbit user account.

If you forgot your username or password, you will need to go through the forgot password email verification process.

ScorbitVision Home

Once logged in, you will be greeted with the ScorbitVision home page. You can always return to this page by clicking the Scorbit logo in the upper left.

The left column contains the various ScorbitVision applications:

  • Scoreboards - Create and manage live scoreboards for your machines.

  • Leaderboards - Create and manage leaderboards for your machines or global titles.

  • Slideshows - Arrange combinations of Scoreboards and Leaderboards for alternating displays.

  • Streamboards - Streaming templates and tools for embedding scores into your streaming broadcasts.

To the right of the logo is the word Home. This is the current page you are viewing.

At the upper right is your Account Menu. Here you can access links to other parts of the Scorbit platform, such as you Account and billing information, Scorbit Help/Support, the main public website, and Sign Out:

In the main part of the page you can see two lists:

Newest Public Scoreboards: These are scoreboards posted recently that are set for public view. You may view them from any web browser by clicking the eyeball. If the Scoreboard belongs to you or you are set as an owner, you can click the pencil to edit it.

Newest Public Leaderboards: Just as the Scoreboards above, these are public leaderboards posted recently. You can similarly view or edit them with the eyeball and pencil icons.

For information regarding each of these tools, refer to the specific ScorbitVision guide, or proceed to the next guide, ScorbitVision Scoreboards.

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