Playing Preferences

The Playing Preferences drawer has settings specific to how the app behaves when playing games.

  • Auto claim and save repeated scores activates the ability for a user to claim multiple player slots and auto-save without having to interact with the app. A more detailed description of this feature can be found here. When this feature is enabled, an auto-claim icon appears above a game session when you first open a machine session screen (attract mode or an active game session). When you tap the icon, all games will be automatically claimed and saved to your user account, even when the app is off and locked, until a period of 30 seconds or greater happens between games, at which point the auto claim icon is deselected until the next time you tap it. This disengages you automatically from the game sessions to avoid accidentally claiming someone else's slot. This feature is recommended for home use or off-time use only, because who likes a game hog?

  • Ask to Save Score to Leaderboard will default to OFF. This setting will force the app to always ask first before saving a score to leaderboard, which eliminates any automation. For players who do not wish to save all their scores, and only specific scores after a game, select this feature and the app will give you the option to save or throw away a score. Note that scores can ONLY be saved if a player slot is selected.

  • Prefer Initials on Game Leaderboard: For supporting games such as Jersey Jack Pinball, you can choose to pre-populate the game's high score initials with your Initials field from your user profile instead of the Display Name. If al you want is your initials on every game and the Scorbit leaderboards, you can also place your initials as your Display Name.

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