Game Adjustments

Every machine should have its individual settings configured after it has been created. If a machine is equipped with Scorbit Link, follow the Scorbit Link documentation to automate synchronizing settings with the machine.

  • Venue is where you assign the venue for the machine, or create a new one.

  • Free Play Toggle will tell Scorbit if the game accepts credit or is set for Free Play mode. This is only automated with Scorbit Link and Pro licenses, otherwise must be set manually.

  • Balls Per Game is where you set the total balls per credit, and also is only automated with Scorbit Link.

  • Cost Per Game will allow you to choose a currency and cost per credit. This is for reference purposes only. Pro license users should use the to assign pricing schedules for a specific machine.

  • Auto Claim Timer is the number of seconds before a player is logged out of auto claim mode after playing a game. Once the timer expires, a player has to tap the auto claim button again to start the mode again. The default is 30 seconds. This number should be set to a lower number if you are getting accidental claims, usually if someone is waiting to play a game and immediately starts after a user is finished. Players can also "log out" by tapping the button a second time at any point in the app. It can also be set to a higher number if you are using the machine alone and don't want to be bothered. Slide the number up or down depending on your needs:

When you set up a new machine, please manually set this information so that players can know what the machine's intended use should be. If you are an operator using a Pro license with the machine, talk to Scorbit about Scorbit Link, the hardware we can provide to automate the changing of settings [Note: Expected release Late 2023].

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