Play Tab

The app defaults you on the center Play tab. You can always return to this screen by tapping the large Scorbit logo in the center of the lower tab bar. Navigation for the Play tab starts by determining the current location and performing a search for venues that have pinball machines in our database sorted by distance. If a player is inside a venue, the app will open in the play tab within that venue. Otherwise, you may find machines by typing an address, zip code, name of venue.

Venues include limited information about location. Not all venues are public, and users who own machines at home may also have venues that only they (or people they choose) have the permission to see. Selecting a venue from the list presents you with a list of machines located there:

Selecting a machine will take you into the attract mode of a specific machine at a specific location. Machines with the Scorbit logo are Scorbit-enabled machines. Machines without the logo require a manual score submission with a photo.

To learn how to organize your venues, please proceed with the next section, Favorites.

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