Stern SAM Power Installation

NOTE: Be sure to turn the power off to your machine before proceeding!

Installing the power for your Scorbitron is easy in three steps:

  1. Locating your power source

  2. Installing any necessary adapters and cabling to the source

  3. Connecting the power cable to your Scorbitron

Locating Your Power Source

Identify position J11 on your Stern SAM MPU board. This illustration should guide you to its location:

Installing the Power Adapter

Remove the existing cable connector attached to J11 and push aside, noting its orientation. Next, insert the supplied Stern SAM Power Adapter's white 6-pin connector into J11 in the orientation shown here:

Attach the original cable and connector that was in J11 into the 6-pin output connector of the power adapter as shown here:

Connect Power Cable to Scorbitron

Attach the provide Scorbitron power cable to the 4 pin output connector as shown here:

Routing the power cable carefully through the machine's existing wire management, run the power cable to the power input connector of the Scorbitron:

The Scorbitron is now ready to receive power, so now you may proceed to the next step, the Game Data Connection.

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