Spooky Game Connection

Your Scorbitron uses a direct connection to your Spooky pinball machine to receive game information. It requires a special USB NMC cable and USB-A to USB-C adapter provided with your Scorbitron. This document will describe the process for installing that connection.

Locate the MPU in the lower portion of the backbox. It is usually the right-most component of the electronics and has a large heat sink. There should be four USB ports on the top of the device, facing up. These are the same USB ports used for firmware upgrades. Insert the supplied USB NMC cable into one of the free ports:

Put the other end of the USB NMC cable into the USB-A to USB-C adapter provided with your Scorbitron. Insert the USB-C end into Port D of the Scorbitron. Only use Port D for this type of connection:

Your installation of the Scorbitron connection is now complete! At this point, you may provide power to your game and proceed with the next step of the installation, Activating Your Scorbitron.

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