ScorbitVision Comboboards

ScorbitVision Comboboards are full screen visualizations designed to allow others to view all the various scoreboards and leaderboards you have created for any machine or combination of machines on the Scorbit platform. Comboboards allow you to combine both Scoreboards and Leaderboards on a single screen. Machines do not need to be connected with a Scorbitron to have Comboboards. You have complete control over permissions of who can or cannot see the Comboboards.

Comboboards allow you to select a Scoreboard or Leaderboard you have previously created. Please visit those guides to learn how to create your first Scoreboards or Leaderboards.

ScorbitVision Comboboards can be accessed from the Leaderboards left nav item:

Selecting the Comboboards option takes you to the main Comboboards screen. You will be presented with any Comboboards you have created. You can view a Comboboard by clicking the eyeball icon, where the URL can be copied and shared if desired. The pencil allows you to make changes to a leaderboard configuration. Finally, the trash can deletes a leaderboard.

To create a Comboboard, either click the + Add Comboboard link or the Add Comboboard button.

Adding a Comboboard

Clicking Add Comboboardpresents you with the leaderboard generator:

Start by entering a title in the title field and choosing if you prefer the Comboboard to be public or private. Public Comboboards, no matter how you have set any other permissions, will be viewable by anyone. Private Comboboard are only viewable by people you have granted access to your venue (like your home venue) via the Scorbit mobile application.

You may have between two and six Comboboards on a single screen. For each element, you must first choose if the board is a Scoreboard or Leaderboard:

Once you have made that selection, you may either type the name of the board or select from the list of available boards:

If you wish to view more than six elements, this is what the Slideshow feature is designed for. In that case, you create two or more Comboboards that can cover all your machines, and a slideshow will alternate between them. You can learn more about Slideshows in the ScorbitVision Slideshows guide.

You can arrange the order of the boards in your Comboboard, assuming they go clockwise on the screen with a maximum of three boards per row, by using the arrows beside each board:

When you've completed all the boards you wish, finish by clicking the Create Comboboardbutton, or cancel to exit:

Now your Comboboard should appear on the list of Comboboards from the previous page. If you click on the eyeball next to your Comboboards, you can see your various combinations and keep the URL for sharing or viewing outside of the website.

For more information about other ScorbitVision features, either find the specific ScorbitVision guide, or proceed to the next section, ScorbitVision Slideshows.

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