Beginning Your Installation

This guide will explain how to install a Scorbitron and all associated components. Please refer to the Getting Started guide for an overview of these components that are shipped with each Scorbitron.

Note that ALL of these steps are available in greater detail via the Scorbit app. You can download the app here

To see these steps on the app, first enter the Account Menu (upper right hand corner of the app), then enter the My Machines view and add your new machine via the + sign. If the machine exists, edit the machine with the Edit Pencil. Within the Edit Machine view you will see a section called Tools > and within that section a button labeled Install Scorbitron. Press that button and follow the steps.

Required Components (provided with Scorbitron):

  • Scorbitron

  • Probe (required for DMD or Solid State Machines)

  • Gen 2 USB C Cable (required for DMD or Solid State Machines)

  • Null Modem USB Cable (required for Serial, Spooky, American, and Stern Spike 2 machines running game code older than November, 2021.)

  • WiFi dongle (required for Stern Spike 2 machines to work with a Scorbitron).

  • Power Adapter or Supply Board (specific to machine type, not required for Stern Spike 2 and some WPC machines)

  • Power Cable

  • Wood Screws (Optional - Note that some cabinet depth during 1980's era machines were manufactured unusually shallow, specifically some Sterm SAM machines, so be careful not to use a wood screw provided if it exceeds the depth of the cabinet.)

Preparation and Login

To begin this process, please turn off your game and remove the backglass.

To continue, you must download the Scorbit App to a compatible iOS or Android smart phone to complete this installation. The app links can be downloaded here:

In order to purchase a Scorbitron, you must be a registered user of Scorbit. Therefore, be sure to log into the app using the Scorbit user you used during the purchase process so that the associated Scorbitron licenses are available to your account.

Scorbit requires a valid email address at all times to function. As part of the registration process, you will be required to verify the email address with a link provided in the confirmation email. Once you have successfully logged in you may proceed with the installation.

Step 1: Create a Venue and Machine

Scorbit requires that you tell the app and platform that this machine exists. Navigate to the app menu on the top right of the screen, and choose "My Machines" in the drop down menu, then use the + sign to add a machine.

You have now created a virtual machine on the Scorbit platform associated with the real machine that you are working with. This virtual machine can already accept manual score submissions and can be visible to other users if it is within a public venue or you've chosen to show it to others.

Next, you will need to begin the Scorbitron Installation Process. On the screen with the list of machines, press the Edit Pencil on the right side of the new machine you created:

Press the Install Scorbitron button and proceed to the next step, Location and Mounting.

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