Home Screen

Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the home screen. The home screen defaults to the Play tab, starting with a list of venues or machines to play, which can be selected at any time by tapping the large "S" logo at the bottom center of the screen.

At this point, your phone may ask permission to use location while using the app. Location awareness is important to how the app functions, otherwise finding your machines from the thousands of similar ones will not work properly, so please give permission to the app to know your location. If you do not select to give the app permission to know the location, certain features will not function, in particular security features related to proximity, private venues and machines. Please note: We do not share or store your location! Scorbit only uses location for listing nearby venues and machines, security and identity when playing games to ensure you are actually playing the game you say you are, and for tagging a publicly shared score when in a public venue.

Safety Tip: To reiterate: We do not share or store your phone's current location information at any time. When scores are saved to leaderboard, the score is tagged with the venue, if the venue is public, as a field to the card.

When your phone pulls a list of venues, your location is ephemeral and anonymous to us, and not stored.

If you wish to allow location just during the time you use the app, it will function normally. If you deny access to location, the app will not work properly and you will not be able to claim scores.

For more information about Scorbit's commitment to your privacy, and what data we do collect internally for our own purposes to enable the service to function, please see Scorbit's Privacy Policy.

When the home screen opens, there are two possible screens you may see. If you are not within a venue, there will be a list of nearby pinball venues:

Note that at this point, if your venue (such as your home) doesn't already exist, it won't show up on this list. If you've already created your venue where you are playing, it should be on the top of the list. You may use a city, zip code, or venue name to find a venue. Also note that some venues are private (such as other people's homes), and some are public, so not all venues are visible to all people. If the app detects you are inside a venue, or if you have a venue set as a default home venue in your settings, or if you directly select a venue, you will see a list of machines:

Once you're looking at machines to play, you'll have a number of options to choose from. The Scorbit "S" next to a machine's title means the game has been connected to the Scorbit platform directly. Before selecting a machine, it's best to orient yourself with the various tabs and features to get the best use of the app. We recommend going through the Account Menu and adjusting your User Profile first. We will cover more of the Play tab in a later section of this documentation. Next, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the Account Menu.

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