Edit Profile

Clicking the Edit button gives you access to the Edit Profile screen. Here you can change your display name, your full name, and your initials. Changing these values here will immediately reflect those changes everywhere on the Scorbit platform, such as live views, leaderboards, or views within the app. Clicking on the camera on the avatar photo will allow you to change your photo.

Note that here is where you can specify your Display Name which is visible to all users on all leaderboards. If you change your Display Name at any time, all the leaderboards and scoreboards, achievements and other objects in everyone's feed will change to reflect the new Display Name. If you specify Initials, some games will offer you the option to support initials to automatically pre-populate the high score lists on the game itself with initials instead of the Display Name.

Safety Tip: If you wish all games, leaderboards, and other objects to always display initials, you can also choose to use initials as your Display Name.

In any case, be sure to add a photo! The photo will be attached to all scores and other feed items so that your followers know immediately who it is coming from.

Tapping the Camera Icon on the profile photo will give you an option to choose from your photo library or your camera:

We recommend filling out all the fields for maximum flexibility.

IFPA Player Number

If you have ever played in an IFPA-certified tournament, you have an IFPA Player Number. If you enter that number here, your current IFPA rank will be displayed in your User Profile Player Statistics. You can search for your number at the IFPA website here, and you can create a new account here.

As we explained, Scorbit is only as good as the people you add to your profile to follow! Once you're profile is edited, press the Save button and proceed to the next section, Followers / Following.

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