Venue Dashboard

For users who have machines across many venues, we recommend using the My Venues feature to provide better management. After selecting a venue from the Venue List in My Venues, you are taken to the Venue Dashboard. Every venue has a dashboard, which can be viewed by tapping the name of the venue in your My Venues list of venues. Tapping the Edit Pencil next to a venue name will take you to the Edit Venue screen described previously in Creating a Venue.

The Venue Dashboard has a header that lets you know what venue you are looking at, where it is located, and has an Edit Pencil to make changes to the address and privacy information. Beneath the header are two tabs: MACHINES and PLAYER ACCESS. The Machines List will list out machines located in this venue, with the same features and functionality as the My Machines list. The Player Access tab allows you to manage your access list for a private venue. It serves no purpose for a public venue.

  • Edit Machine Details will bring you back to the Create Machine screen, now presented as Edit Machine. Here you can change information like the address or privacy setting.

  • Select Machine List will display a list of machines for the venue, similar to My Machines.

  • Player Access List will list players who have been granted access to the venue, which is necessary for playing in private venues. You can search, add or remove users using the Find Players to Add box.

  • Machine Status Indicator is similar to My Machines. It will be a solid white circle for standard licenses. Pro licensed machines will show green for active, red for inactive, or a white circle for machines/Scorbitrons detached from the Scorbit platform.

  • User Name and Profile is a name on the Player Access list. Tapping the avatar or name will take you to the user's profile.

  • Edit Machine Details will take you to the Edit Machine screen as described above, where you access configuration and tools specific to that machine.

  • Add or Remove User will remove a user that has been added by tapping the red "X." When you search for a user to add, tap the green "+" to add the player to the list.

  • Machine Statistics will take you to a machine statistics for a Pro licensed machine.

  • Create Machine will start the create machine procedure as described above.

Venues are required for machines to exist. If you plan on moving a machine out of inventory, we recommend creating a new private venue, such as "Inventory," and move your machines there using the Edit Pencil for the machine. If you sell a machine, use the transfer machine feature on the Scorbit Opcenter. Otherwise, feel free to edit your venue at any time, as your changes will be reflected throughout the Scorbit Platform instantly.

Please proceed to the last Account Menu item, Settings.

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