Viewing Achievements

Like everything in Scorbit, Achievements can be viewed in different contexts. The most common method is during the Play context, when you are engaged with a specific machine at a specific venue. When waiting for a game to start, or when viewing the leaderboards, you will see the first slide of the Attract Mode will display an Achievement Count. Similarly, when viewing a machine title on the Machines tab, an almost identical screen provides a similar view.

Achievement Counts are displayed as total achievements earned / total achievements that exist for a particular title. Either sliding the carousel or tapping on the Achievement Count will take you to the Achievement Summary view.

At the top of the Achievements Summary view box, you will see three dots (...) which allows you to change the filtering and sorting of the Achievements.

Achievements are arranged both as individual objects and also groups. Each Achievement has its own definition in the Scorbit platform. Achievements of the same group generally measure the same thing, such as number of times you have completed a task, or levels achieved of a particular mode. An achievement that is part of a group also has a Level Number, which is represented by the number in the circle on the Achievement Badge. You can drag the list up or down to view the entire list.

When you select All Completed in the Achievement Filter, you can see all the Achievements you have earned in each group.

Finally, when you select the All Achievements filter, you will see every achievement in the system for every group. Note that some Achievements, in special circumstances, are only available at events or at specific times, so the total available may change over time.

When viewing lists of Achievements anywhere in the app, if you see an Achievement Badge that appears obscured it represents an achievement you have not earned that the designer wishes to reveal only when earned. In these cases, the Achievement Title is replaced by the Achievement's description of what is necessary to earn the achievement.

It is possible for a designer to create Invisible Achievements that only reveal themselves to exist after you have achieved them, but that is up to the designer and their own philosophy.

Tapping on any achievement, anywhere in the app, takes you to the Achievement Details, which is covered in the next section.

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