ScorbitVision Leaderboards

ScorbitVision Leaderboards are full screen visualizations designed to allow others to view all the various leaderboards you

have created for any machine or combination of machines on the Scorbit platform. Machines do not need to be connected with a Scorbitron to have leaderboards. You have complete control over permissions of who can or cannot see the leaderboards.

The default is for any leaderboard to be focused on a single machine for all time, however you can create leaderboards based on other criteria, such as global scores or scores specific to a group of Scorbit users.

A common application for ScorbitVision Leaderboards is to display all the top scores for a set of machines in a venue, such as a home game room, an arcade or bar. Leaderboards can be arranged one per screen all the way up to eight per screen, and can be stacked using ScorbitVision Slideshows.

In the title section, Scoreboards include the title, manufacturer and location of the machine, where appropriate. Next is a list of the top scores based on the set criteria for that leaderboard, with ranking number, Scorbit user display name, and score.

ScorbitVision Leaderboards can be accessed from the Leaderboards left nav item:

Selecting the Leaderboards option takes you to the main Scoreboards screen. You will be presented with any leaderboards you have created. You can view a leaderboard by clicking the eyeball icon, where the URL can be copied and shared if desired. The pencil allows you to make changes to a leaderboard configuration. Finally, the trash can deletes a leaderboard.

To create a leaderboard, either click the + Add Leaderboard link or the Add Leaderboard button.

Adding a Leaderboard

Clicking Add Leaderboard presents you with the leaderboard generator:

Start by entering a title in the title field (or by entering a venue name if you're looking for a machine a specific venue) and choosing if you prefer the leaderboard to be public or private. Public leaderboards, no matter how you have set any other permissions, will be viewable by anyone. Private leaderboards are only viewable by people you have granted access to your venue (like your home venue) via the Scorbit mobile application.

Next, choose your Time Option:

There are four Time Options:

  • All Time represents a leaderboard that starts when the machine was first added to Scorbit, and goes on forever. This is the default option, and the most commonly used.

  • Boxed allows you to choose a start date and and optional end date:

This is used if you want to start your leaderboard on a particular date, such as a tournament or a special event. Another common application is to choose a start date with no end date representing when you purchased the machine from someone else, so that your leaderboard only shows the scores on your game since you have owned it. This is great for not wiping any previous scores, so the machine's history lives on forever.

  • Last Calendar allows you to specify a a time box based on a calendar choice:

This type of leaderboard represents scores from the last calendar year, month, week, day or hour. For example, you might choose to have a weekly leaderboard for a venue or pinball league. Another common application is to have the Monthly Top Scores for the previous month, to encourage competition with a fresh start.

  • Rolling is similar to last calendar, but allows you to specify a number of days:

This is great if you want a that is less calendar specific, such as "Top Past 100 days" and "Top Past 10 Days."

Scores Per Player

Beneath the Time Options is a choice between All Scores and One Score Per Player:

We've all seen leaderboards that are dominated by a single person, who claims all the rankings from 1 to 100. In most cases, those individuals really only want their highest score represented, and aren't interested in the remaining slots. With the One Score Per Player option, only the highest score is shown, so other people can claim rankings based on their highest scores. This is really popular in public venues or places with many different players, as it becomes more fun to rank the people, not the scores.

Finally, choose the type of leaderboard.

  • Single Machine leaderboards are specific to a single machine in a single venue.

  • Multiple Machines of Same Title leaderboards default to global, from all over the world, and include scores from any publicly viewable machine

If you've chosen a single machine, you can then either choose from a drop down of your own machines or search based on machine name or venue:

If you have chosen Multiple Machines, you must choose the title of the game you want to represent:

If you have chosen Multiple Machines, if you do nothing further, it will be a global leaderboard of all machines of that title, regardless of venue, owner, or the machine's venue's privacy settings.

However, you can also choose to create a leaderboard which is filtered to only a list of machines:

This is a very powerful option, because with this list, you can combine multiple, specific machines into a single leaderboard! A good example is a friendly competition between multiple people who own the same machine, all competing on the same leaderboard, but not including people outside those machines. We've already seen this done in league competitions and ongoing competitions between individuals.

You may also restrict the leaderboard to a list of specific players:

This can be done for any type of leaderboard. A great example of this is to create a leaderboard for a game, but only members of a pinball league are displayed.

If you wish to view more than one leaderboards on a single screen, use a Comboboard. If you wish to have more than six leaderboards displayed, this is what the Slideshow feature is designed for. In that case, you create two or more Comboboards that can cover all your machines, and a slideshow will alternate between them. You can learn more about Slideshows in the ScorbitVision Slideshows guide.

When you've completed your choices, finish by clicking the Create Leaderboard button, or cancel to exit:

Now your leaderboard should appear on the list of leaderboards from the previous page. If you click on the eyeball next to your leaderboards, you can see your various combinations and keep the URL for sharing or viewing outside of the website.

For more information about other ScorbitVision features, either find the specific ScorbitVision guide, or proceed to the next section, Scorbitvision Comboboards.

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