Install/Activate and Detach/Unpair Scorbitron

When you install a Scorbitron or activate a direct connection from a modern game, the app will guide you step by step to ensure the device or machine is installed and connected correctly. There will be illustrations or animations to show you where to connect the device, how to provide it power, and where to hook up any data cables or adapters as needed.

Safety Tip: There is no need to read this section of the documentation to install a Scorbitron. Either follow the steps outlined on the app or read the documentation specific to your machine type located later in this documentation under the section called Scorbitron.

Once you have created a machine and access the Machine Tools, you may choose the Install Scorbitron or Activate Scorbit options in the Machine Edit > Tools drawer.

In some cases, scanning a special QR code on a machine's internal menu will begin this installation process, including creating a machine and venue, or finding an existing machine to pair with.

Also there are times when you need to manually install a Scorbitron or activate a machine directly. Unpairing or Detaching is required if you are moving a Scorbitron or have sold a machine and no longer wish to associate the virtual machine with the Scorbitron or physical machine on the Scorbit platform.

If you choose to Detach or Unpair a machine, the app will prompt you to be sure about the choice.

For security reasons, you must be physically present with a Scorbitron when pairing to the platform. Therefore, if you detach a Scorbitron remotely, you will need to return to the location to attach it again! Please be cautious before detaching.

This feature is particularly useful when selling a machine to someone else and the new owner would like to attach the machine with their own account. After selling a machine to someone else, be sure to follow the steps to detach (or transfer, which is even better) the machine first. These features are available via the Scorbit Opcenter.

If you own or plan to own Stern Spike 2 machines, proceed to the next section, Game Code Update. If not, proceed to Delete Machine.

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