Deep Linking

Deep Linking is creating a link that will direct a player to a specific screen within the Scorbit app. Each link, when formatted correctly, can save you and other players major time when trying to find machines, venues, or even users.

Currently, Scorbit supports three types of deep links. If a user does not have the app installed, the link will take them to the appropriate app store page on their platform to download the app.


To navigate to a machine, the Deep Link is structured as follows:$deeplink_path=[vmid#]&opdb=[opdbid#]

The [vmid] represents the unique number given to the machine within the Scorbit platform. One way to find this number is to display the QR code for a given machine, or visit the tools website for more detailed information on a machine in your collection. You can also print a QR code from within the Account Menu > My Machines > Edit Pencil > Tools for a given machine. which has the vmid listed.

Any user clicking on this link will navigate directly to the machine, even if a game is currently in session. You can use this link within QR codes or other interactive features.


Similarly, you can create a link that takes a player directly to your venue within the Scorbit app. It will open on a screen that lists all the machines in the venue, similarly to what a player sees by navigating through search. The structure of the link is as follows:$deeplink_path=venue&venueid=[venueid#]

In this case, the venueid is required to make a direct link. You can find the venueid via the tools website [note: release scheduled for January 2023], or email for your ID.

User Profiles

Finally, any user can create a link to a User Profile using the format below:$deeplink_path=invite&inviteuserid=[userid#] 

This is a great way to share your profile with others for them to follow you, or even to share your progress with scores, challenges or achievements!

A simple way to get the Deep Link for your user profile is via the Account Menu > Settings > Contacts area to copy link to profile:

This will put the link into your cliipboard to share with others.

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