Score Feed

The Score tab will show you a river of the user's most recent scores that have been shared publicly. Note that depending on the user's preferences, while all scores are in the Scorbit database, only scores that have been saved to the leaderboard will appear here.

[Note: In a future update we will add the ability to retroactively save a score to leaderboard, or remove it, by swiping the score to the left or right and allowing you to toggle seeing unsaved scores in this view.]

  • Time of Score refers to the relative time (to now) that the score was saved.

  • Score is the final score at the end of the game session.

  • Flips is the Scorbit "like button." When a user taps the flip button, it records that user as having liked the score. [Note: We do record who flips a score. In a future update we will reveal who has flipped in the Score Details screen.]

  • Location will have the venue in which the machine was played to achieve this score. If the location is private, it will only include a city and state/province and country.

  • Machine Title refers to the game's model. If the game's physics are the same, some machine leaderboards/titles are grouped. If the manufacturer considers them difference enough, they may appear with their own title.

  • Score Rank is the Scorbit-applied ranking based on all people who have played that game and saved scores to date. The rank table and percentiles are calculated once a day.

Any score can be tapped to visit the Score Details screen, highlighted later in this documentation. Proceed to the next section, Achievement Feed.

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