Achievement Details

If you tap on any Achievement, anywhere in the app, you are taken to an Achievement Details screen. This is designed to give you a high level summary of a specific achievement, and allow you to navigate to other achievements of the same category or group.

  • Achievement Level is the ordered level as the Achievement relates to other Achievements in the same group.

  • Revealed Title is the title of the Achievement when not obscured or locked.

  • Obscured Title is the mystery title, or obscured title

  • Progress Indicator tells you what percentage of the Achievement is completed. If the Achievement is a count of a specific metric, it will list the number of the count over the total beneath the progress bar.

  • Included Machines is a list of all the machine titles that are qualified to generate this Achievement. In some cases, an Achievement is only available on a specific machine, or in a specific venue or event.

  • Group presents a list of all the Achievements in the Achievement Group to which this Achievement belongs. You can scroll through these Achievements and tap them to see their Achievement Detail screen.

When viewing unearned achievements, you will see the progress bar indicator increase as you play and the system counts various goals towards unlocking them. The goal that is being counted is listed in the description. Remember that achievements only can increment a count if you claimed a player slot prior to the action, otherwise the platform doesn't know who you are to apply it to!

There is one final way to view achievements with a bit different level of detail covered in the next section, User Profile Achievement Summary.

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