Stern Spike 2 Game Connection

Your Scorbitron uses a special network connection to your Spike 2 game to receive game information.

Locate connector USB connector CN9 on your Spike 2 CPU board. It is located just to the right of the large heat sink. This is the same USB ports used for firmware upgrades.

Note: As with any pinball modification, it is possible that making changes to a Stern pinball game may void the game's warranty and/or may be a violation of the Stern software license. Please consult your manufacturer's information for details.

Insert the WiFi USB adapter that came with your Scorbitron. If there is an existing connector provided by Stern, we recommend replacing it with the one that came with your kit.

A Spike 2 game requires the installation of a small binary that scans memory and sends scores to the Scorbitron over the WiFi connection. At this point, you may provide power to your game and proceed with the next step of the installation, Activating Your Scorbitron Hardware: Stern Spike 2 Edition.

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