Community Tab

The Community tab provides a river of scores, challenges and achievements from all the Scorbit users you follow. You can curate a list of pinball influencers, friends, tournament champions, designers or family, and the feed will display everything they share. As explained previously, through the account menu, you may edit and access your own profile, which highlights your name, display name, number of followers and people you follow as well as you scores.

Community Feed

Similarly, from the Community tab, you can find other people’s profiles. By default, the Community tab shows you a feed of scores and challenges from other people you follow. If you follow no one, or no one you know submits anything, the feed moves slower. This is a general blueprint to making sense of the Community Feed:

  • Search for Users will allow you to start typing into the search box for usernames, display names or full names. Press the green "+" to add a user to your follow list and a "-" to remove them. You can also tap any user's profile photo or name to see their profile from the search.

  • Victory Photos or Score Photos are added to a score card when they are submitted, or in some cases added afterwards with the Score Card Edit feature (Note: Release fall 2022).

  • Time of Score will present the age of the Feed Item, such as when the score was submitted.

  • User Avatar is a profile photo of the user, and also links to their profile.

  • Flip Button / Number of Flips will show you the number of Flips (think "likes") that a score, challenge or achievement has received. Scorbit records who flips what, and we will be exposing that in a future release. Tapping the Flip button will increase the Flips by one, tapping it a second time will unFlip it.

  • Machine Title is the title of the machine played.

  • Display Name is the name of the user, which also links to their profile. Note that this name will change dynamically if a user changes their Display Name in their profile.

  • Location of Score will present the location the game was played, with as much specificity as the user who owns the machine desires, the least being City/State/Province/Country level.

  • Scorbit Rank is the rank based on percentile of the user's score as computed each day. The rank levels are secret, and may change from time to time, depending on our level of silliness that afternoon. Once a rank is set, it is permanent on that card, and will not change dynamically when the rank levels change the next day.

  • Accept Button will formally accept a Challenge Invite you have received. You may also accept Challenge Invites on Score Details screens, in the Challenge Menu, or on your User Profile Challenge Feed.

  • Challenge Invite Expiration is the number of days remaining before you no longer can accept a challenge. The sooner you accept, the more time you'll have to beat the score!

  • Challenge Winner is a user who has won a challenge, represented by the victory medal overlayed on their User Avatar.

  • Winning Challenge Card is a Community Feed Item which consists of a challenge a user has won. This could be you, or it could be someone you follow, or someone with whom you engaged in a challenge.

  • Challenge Loser is the sorry, sad person who lost the challenge. Oh the shame.

  • In Progress Challenge Card is a challenge you have accepted and it is not complete. This could be because you have not played yet, or you have not yet beat the score. When the time is expired, if you have not beat the score, you move to a loser position on someone else's Winning Challenge Card.

  • Challenge Invite Status is the current state of the challenge. Accepted means you or another user has agreed to the challenge.

  • Challenge Expiration is how many days are left before you will lose the challenge if you do not beat the score.

  • Score is the score, and who said all were were about was scorekeeping?

  • Community Tab icon will always return you to the last screen you were on while looking at the Community Feed. If you zoomed into a Details screen, switch tabs to play a game, and return, it will return you to the last place you were. Tapping it twice will return to the home Community Feed.

If you choose to add people to your list to follow, you can being typing a name into the search box and a list of matching player names will appear. You can press the green + sign to follow someone and the x to unfollow them.

Clicking on a player's avatar will take you to their profile. Similar to your own profile accessible from the account menu, you can view another player's profile and see their recently posted scores. You can also follow or unfollow someone from this screen.

Alternatively, if you think you have contacts on your phone that may be Scorbit players, you should scan your contacts for people to follow.

You can do this from the Settings section or alternatively when you first join the platform and visit the Community tab.

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