Viewing Preferences

The Viewing Preferences will change how the app displays venues and machines.

  • Open in Home Venue, when set to ON, will prompt you to select a default venue that that app will always assume you are inside when the app starts. For users who always use this app primarily in a specific venue, this saves the step of having to find the venue, select it, and then choose a machine. When set to OFF, the Play tab will initially view venues close to you sorted by Favorite selection and Distance.

  • Always Display Venues overrides the proximity feature. When set to OFF, the app will try to determine if you are inside a venue and open a list of machines instead of a list of venues. When set to ON, the app will always display the list of venues first, sorted by Favorite followed by Distance.

  • Viewing Distance Radius tells the app how wide of a range to consider when listing venues. You can always override distance radius by typing a zip code or city into the venue search field.

Home Venues, Venue Lists and Proximity

For users who primarily use Scorbit in their own game room, we strongly recommend setting a home venue, which overrides the venue search features when entering the Play tab. This will simplify your experience and reduce the number of "clicks" required to claim a player slot.

In contrast, for people who play pinball in many places, we recommend using the default mode where it will open a machine list automatically if it detects you are in a venue.

Because location awareness is not always perfect, some users prefer to force the app to always display venues on the Play tab first, so it stops accidentally entering a venue that is too nearby. [Note: We are adding a viewing preference radius in an update later this year to control this proximity feature.]

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