Print QR Code

Tapping the Print QR Code button will display a unique QR code for the machine. Players who scan the QR code will automatically navigate to the machine and claim a player slot.

This screen allows you to save the QR code as an image to your phone, or share the image using the phone's sharing features, including printing on devices that support printing. A common use is to print a QR code and place it on the apron of the machine to make claiming of player slots significantly easier for users. Jersey Jack Pinball machines will display these QR codes on the screen prior to a plunge, specific to the player slot. Note that scanning a QR code will claim the next available unclaimed slot. If the wrong slot is claimed, a player can "long press" the player slot to unclaim a slot.

If you have multiple machines and wish to print out multiple QR codes at once, we recommend using the Scorbit Opcenter website which allows you to select multiple machines and print them all at once.

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