Attract Mode

The default screen when you select a machine from a machine list is Scorbit's equivalent of an attract mode. The Scorbit-enabled machine and disconnected machine have similar views:

Title Box

Both the connected and manual screens have a machine title box at the top with important information.

  • Venue refers to the location the machine is living in. This could be your home or a public location.

  • Machine Title refers to the machine's name, or model. If the game comes in different versions with different physics, like some LE and CE versions, they will be considered separate machines. If the game is the same physics across multiple versions, they may be listed with different titles but they will share the same leaderboards.

  • Leaderboards is a dedicated button that allows you to view leaderboards for the machine even if a game session is currently live. You can use this if you're playing a multiplayer game and wish to see the current or recent high scores, then return to the session screen after you're finished browsing. It functions the same as the attract screen except it doesn't have a game status or submission method.

Beneath the status bubbles or on the main Leaderboard screen there is a window that displays various information boards on a carousel. Swiping from left to right on the window will advance to the next screen.

The first slides of the carousel displays your top score, a global top score if applicable, and the total achievements you have earned for the title. Advancing by sliding from left to right will progress through various leaderboard screens, and finally land on an achievement summary view.

The "..." above the Achievement window can be used to change the sorting, similar to the Achievement window on the User Profile.

If the user who owns the machine has set the venue to public and created a machine-specific leaderboard for that machine using ScorbitVision, this custom leaderboard will also appear in the carousel for all players to see:

Session Status

At the beginning of the game session, before the start button on the game is pressed, you are presented with a Waiting to Start or Waiting for Connection message in the status bubble:

This message will change in real-time if there is an error or if the game is disconnected. This is the primary indicator of how sessions begin, in that if this remains on Waiting to Start, Scorbit is telling you we don't know the game has started.

In the event someone starts the game this bubble will be replaced with a session status update with critical information, such as player number and ball number.

Please proceed to the next section, Starting a Game and Claiming.

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