Followers / Following

If you wish to review the list of other players you follow, or people who follow you, click the word Followers or Following on the Profile page. Here you will be presented with a list of names (we start you off with the three co-founders of Scorbit). If you want to add people to the list, see the Community section below. In the world of Scorbit, just like leaderboards on machines, anyone can follow anyone else, but you can also use the menu to remove someone you do not wish to follow, or add someone who is following you. When a "+" sign is next to a name, you can add it. When a "x" sign is next to a name, you can remove it.

When you first create your account, you are asked if you are comfortable scanning your contacts for other Scorbit players. If you skipped this, stay tuned for a future feature to re-scan to find possible users to follow, along with suggested users to make your feed more interesting!

Now that you are familiar with the profile header information, next it's important to see how the various tabs within the profile function. Proceed to the next section, Profile Tab Bar.

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