Scorbit Application


Pinball is amazing, so use Scorbit to make it even more fun! Engage with millions of players around the world. Share and stream live games and scores, challenge others, and participate in machine leaderboards – for any machine in any location! Follow your favorite pinball players and track what games they play and how they are playing. Streamers and Collectors can use Scorbit to add real-time scores or leaderboards to their streams and game rooms for big displays! Operators can use Scorbit to monitor their machines remotely, reducing downtime, and earning more revenue.

Scorbit is connected pinball!

This guide has two sections: Quick Start and Full Instructions.

  • If you want to get playing as fast as possible, and you already have a Scorbit account, read the Quick Start.

  • If you want a full explanation of the feature set, proceed to the The Big Picture.

  • If you haven't yet connected your machine to Scorbit, please refer to the Installation section of the guide.

These next steps require that you download the Scorbit application to your iOS or Android smartphone. You can download them here:



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