Machine Tab

The Machine tab is meant to be used when you want to start your experience with the Scorbit app based on a machine title. When you tap the Machine icon on the lower left of the tab bar, your first action always starts with searching for a machine title.

You may also use the alphabetical index on the right side of the screen to quickly move through the list of all available titles without typing into a search box.

Machine Detail

The machine you choose will be displayed using a default presentation similar to the Attract Mode on the Play tab. The main difference is that on this view, the global top score leader is displayed along with your own top score and your own Achievement Count.

Similar to the Attract Mode, you can swipe the carousel from right to left to advance through leaderboard views and the Achievement list.

Machine Locations

If at any time you tap the map pin next to the title of the machine, you will be given a list of machines matching that title that are located near you, sorted by distance. This is a great way to find a favorite machine to play!

Tapping any of the machines on this list will navigate you immediately to that machine in that venue on the Play tab. [Note: Stay tuned for a future release where we provide a link to Pinball Map and an actual address to find these locations more easily.]

The next section covers all you need to know about the last remaining section, and probably the most important, the Community Tab!

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