Challenges Feed

When users complete games and choose (or automatically) save to leaderboards, they can challenge other players to beat their new score. You can challenge one or multiple individuals, and each challenge is considered a 1:1 pairing or competition. As will be discussed further in this documentation, there are multiple types of challenges, such as more casual/open challenges or tournament style professional challenges. However, all of them follow a basic set of stages: Inviting people to a challenge (Invitation), accepting and engaging in a challenge (In Progress), and either winning or losing a challenge (Complete).

Each of the three stages of challenges, both sent by the user or received by the user, are presented in a river or feed of challenge cards when you tap the (VS) icon on the profile tab bar.

  • Days Remaining to Accept is how long before the challenge invitation lasts prior to expiring. Expired challenges that haven't been played will disappear from the feed.

  • Accept Challenge Invitation button will formally accept a challenge. It does not require that you play the challenge immediately. Open challenges allow multiple attempts to beat the score throughout the challenge period until the expiration time.

  • Challenge Invitation Status will present the current state of the challenge, if accepted, and days remaining. It may also present the number of attempts made against the challenge.

  • Victor Badge will only show on the avatar of the winning challenger.

  • Loser of Challenge is the Display Name of the user who failed the challenge, either by having a lower score or by not playing an accepted challenge.

  • Loser Score is the score of the loser of the challenge's final attempt.

Challenges of various types will be aggregated in the Challenge Feed or may be viewed in the Challenge menu, which dedicates a screen to challenges. Tapping on a challenge will take you to a challenge detail screen or a score detail screen if they are available. A won or lost challenge will be visible to your followers. Proceed to the next section, Machine History, to learn about how to see a specific user's scores and achievements for a specific machine.

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