Machine Notifications

Every machine has its own notification settings. There are three basic settings that can be used individually to customize a machine's alerts:

  • Power will notify a user of a Pro license if a machine has gone inactive within a set time schedule. Operators of machines can set individual time windows for a given machine.

  • Reboot will notify a user of a Pro license if a machine drops active status and returns within a specified window, therefore indicating an apparent restart.

  • Service alerts are either a machine reporting an issue with its own diagnostics or when a set number of users submit reports via the app.

These settings are independent of your User Profile Notification Settings. Think of these settings as muting a specific machine from alerting you, much as the Mute button can mute an individual user's notifications to you.

Next, please proceed to the Machine Tools section, where you manage your connection from the machine to the Scorbit platform and begin all installation procedures of Scorbitron hardware.

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